Eating an Onion, Believing It’s an Apple

A man is eating an onion, and enjoying it! He accepted an invitation to go up on stage by the hypnotist, who ‘put him under’ and gave him an onion, saying “Bite into this delicious juicy apple!!” Now, that’s okay. The man went up voluntarily, after watching other people do silly things like dancing around on one leg making a rooster crowing noise.

But is it okay not to tell a friend he’s been given a post-hypnotic suggestion that every time he hears a phone ring he will cry like a baby and shout “mummy!”? You were at the hypnotists show, and you heard him implant this suggestion in your friend’s mind.

You and I – we have all been hypnotised! It’s a mass hypnosis, and it’s simply not talked about, but we are all “under”! It’s called conditioning! It started when we were babies, and continues, and is still happening! We are willing participants, and it feels comfortable until there is stress. Reality (I’m eating an onion) and the conditioning (I believe I’m eating a delicious apple) conflict.

Family conditioning: This is the way we (our tribe) do things. Always do what you’re told. Get good marks at school and you’ll have a good life. Be a good girl, be a good boy, and people will like you. – B.S. (Beguiling Suggestion)

Political conditioning: Our country is actually run as a democracy. Our politicians are doing a good job – they’re not in it for themselves, they only want the best for the people. If you ‘blow the whistle’ on your government’s illegal actions you will be respected for your courage and altruism. Climate change is a hoax and taking it seriously is ruinous for the economy. B.S.

Cultural conditioning: My nation is the best of any in the world. If you work hard, you will be a success. Capitalism works well for all, and cutting taxes for the wealthy allows money to “trickle down” to the poor. More and more control by authorities makes for security. – B.S.

More Cultural conditioning: men are better than women, straights than gays, whites than blacks, conservatives than left-wingers, young than old, and if you’re poor it must be your own fault. – B.S.

Religious conditioning: Believe what you are told, whether it works in your life or not. You’ll go to hell if you disobey. We, the priests, are moral beacons and therefore shall lead. Your children are safe with us. – B.S.

And so on.

The biggest successful hypnotic suggestion is that we are completely separate from each other, each in their own bubble of a body and a brain. (Watch it in action, folks!)

Have another ‘apple’?