The Flow – a poem

This poem, by Canadian born Australian writer, Edith Speers, is called The Flow. It’s – for me – about the experience of the Whole. Since it is whole, the experience includes the experiencer, and is, thereby, a singularity. Kinda defies description!

But, it encapsulates the theme, the intention and the point of this blog.

Being at one with What Is.

Edith, a friend of more than twenty years, has allowed me to publish her poem here. It is from her latest volume of poetry, Dangerous Goods, and the book will be launched at Hobart Bookshop (that’s Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) on Sunday, 6 October 3 – 5 pm. That’s for anyone who is in the Hobart region. It is published by Esperance Press.

Here is the poem in full: