What Actually Happens When The Present Moment Is All That Holds Our Attention?

Recently, I have found a great interest in reading questions and answers in Quora. Especially questions and answers about Awareness, Awakening, Enlightenment. I recommend Quora.

When I read this answer to: How important is the ego in the path towards awareness and enlightenment? I thought, “Wow! That’s maybe the best I’ve heard yet, on this “Being-in-the-Moment” thing!” And I wanted to share it with any of you who are interested.

Here is the link to the whole answer. But if you want the gist of right now – here it is:

When masters speak of “being in the present moment” it is because in the present moment, there is not division. No past, no future, no self, no projection, and therefore, no ego. There is nothing to separate reality in the present moment.

This allows consciousness to align with reality and in doing so, is the ego not present. We experience reality directly for what it is and not our filtered perception of what it is.

(Thank you, Kane Mantyla)

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