“He Who Hesitates Is Lost” – No! Hesitation is Meditation.

When I was chewing a bite of my delicious avocado and tomato on toast (with chopped raw garlic, pepper and salt) such as I was doing a little while ago, eating breakfast, I experienced the desire for another bite before I had finished chewing this one!!

Watch this in slow motion: I resisted the temptation, instead I put my complete attention on the denouement of the current bite, and chewed it right down to the exquisitely delightful finish!

Irrelevant? You can stop reading right now! (I’m not offended. Really.)

Interesting? Well, to me very interesting. Why? Because I had conducted a scientific experiment, and demonstrated that, by pausing between bites and hesitating before pushing on, the taste enjoyment had increased tenfold!

(Stop reading now if you think you’re wasting your time, because there’s a lot more to come!)


A blog, such as this, can be a journal. This is my meditation journal, made up of little breakthroughs, insights – call them what you will – which I share with you, my friends, whoever’s interest is tweaked by my particular way of coating my experiences with words.

Because we are here. I’m here, you’re here! We share the raw fact of existence – which either carries enormous meaning (or none at all!)

I choose – Meaning!

Why choose that? Because emotions of joy, peace, vitality, wonder and curiosity affect my body. My brain secretes nice drugs! They are good feelings. And they all come from finding meaning. Clarity. In other words, from clearing away the mind-clutter, so now reality can be seen.

We share one other extraordinary thing – Consciousness.

Which we can explore together! We share these amazing mysteries. I am increasingly fascinated by things emerging into conscious awareness, through that portal which I will call the little meditative gap. The tiny space between one action and the next. Between one thought and the next.

Okay – time to make it plain.

“He who hesitates is lost”? No. Hesitation, or a pause, is actually the key! – If hesitation is seen as that little space before I move on to the next thing – a meditative gap – you will see what wonders can occur! Alan Watts wittily titled his autobiography “In My Own Way”. Intelligence revealed to Alan that his joy in life only manifested when he got out of his own way!

How does one get out of the way?

By being alert for, by being awake to moments that can happen, in between each of our busy doings, just after one activity ends and before the next one takes hold of our powerful will-to-achieve .

First example. Someone has insulted you to your face or you just heard on the grapevine that someone disrespected you, belittled your reputation, whatever; before you react, hesitate. Step back mentally from the situation. Don’t jump right in, but hesitate.

Second example. Today you are driven by what you believe is a lack of time – so you rush, you hurry from one task to the next one, and then on to another, and then another; ( ) pause, rest, take a moment, stop and reconfigure, in other words hesitate, before moving on. (You may find this will not happen unless you make a conscious decision to do this.)

Third example. You are sitting quietly, in your car, or in your favourite chair, or on a bench in the park, or lying in bed, or wherever, and you are thinking, thinking, thinking – thinking, thinking, thinking; have you noticed how one thought leads to another? … Stop.

Stop thinking! How? By shifting your attention. To what? To whatever you are looking at – it could be your shoe or your hand, a cup or a tree or a flower, anything in front of you, whoa! Are you thinking again?

Now! Just look at it with curiosity, wondering what it really is, not what you think it is.

What is the common factor in these situations? Is it that, for a moment (however brief!) you are willing to set aside your definitions of whatever it is you are seeing or thinking about?

This hesitation is a conscious acknowledgement that you don’t know. And in that space which you have allowed, capital-R Reality – that which was there all along – can at last be seen.

Have you rediscovered your Peace?

As I was chewing on that bite of avocado/tomato toast, the idea came to me which was this blogpost. And here it is, and now it’s done.

So, you too can interact with that thing what’s ever it is you are experiencing. You can do a drawing of it, write a poem about it or a song, take a photograph of it, or tell a friend what you felt about it. Have a conversation with it!!

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