D.I.Y. Enlightenment?

[Please note: I speak from and for myself. I am NOT an authority, in any way at all. It can’t be any other way.] 😊

I’m intrigued by the possibility of life without fear or hatred, without misery and suffering, instead with joy to share, and of true peace. A permanent shift of consciousness. So I’m following a thread of discussion on Quora on Enlightenment.

One pundit says you must have a guru to guide your meditation practice and that no D.I.Y. method will work. Another says not to practice meditation at all, since practicing anything is an ego-driven doing and as such is the root cause of the problem.

I’ve always been a Do-It-Yourself welder/carpenter/builder/renovator/writer/musician/artist/sailor/sculptor/repairman – slash – anything-that-interested-me! – including “spirituality”. But – imagine if there were no teachers, gurus, prophets, scriptures, no traditions, (or if there were too many!) and you were still curious? Wouldn’t you be led to find out for yourself?

Curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity also drew the seeker, the boy or girl who really wanted to know what it’s all about. I remember myself thinking “I want to do everything, know everything, be everything.” when I was a kid! Wow! What a big ask! But why not?

What if we say that we are all OCD – obsessed, compulsive, and disordered (sung to the tune of Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered) – might we not as well admit it?

Amid the noise of a billion or two crazy, driven egos how can the still, small voice be heard? – Meditation?

The benefit of meditation being – is it not? – that it is religiously neutral. And being basically a not-doing, it can be entered into by anyone, regardless of their beliefs, and quite often spontaneously.

But you can’t force the Silence, the main reason being that It’s already There

– but you haven’t been paying attention;

It’s present, but you are not.

Meditation. Being present, here and now. Stopping the OCD. Asking, of That which Knows, for an answer.

Here’s some of what I wrote in response to a Quora question, What are your tricks for meditating every day?

If I define meditation as “not thinking” then I find many ways to meditate during the day. Not that I want to define anything, because “not defining” is a beginning of meditation in itself.  But let’s stay loose here, if we want to discover the very heart of what we’re seeking. Another seeming contradiction, because seeking has to be dropped also! It starts to become obvious that “not doing” is a key element.

It can be fun to sit down and to set down everything you think you know. It’s also scary, perhaps, so you need a bit of courage. You’ll find you’ll still exist, if you neglect to reinforce all your beliefs, including who and what you believe you are.

Take a breath. Breathe out.

    Now, to get back to my original point — “not thinking” —
    Look for the spaces between thoughts.
    Realize you know nothing at all, and let it be.
    Allow a sense of wonder — in nature, or with a child, or a flower, or your toenail, to occupy your complete attention.
    Remember you know nothing.
    Be wholly and completely in the moment while you’re taking a pee, right down to last drop. Important not to hurry here.
    Laughter. Allow it!
    Share a moment with a loved one or a stranger.
    Just be on the lookout for these moments, all of these opportunities, which can show up anytime.

In short, it’s Life! Being Conscious, of whatever is right there in front of you (me), and Conscious of what’s going on, on the inside of you (me) as well.

Being Consciousness itself.


Interesting! – Krishnamurti, What is Meditation?

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