You’ve Done It Again

I realised today that I write this blog to give advice to people who haven’t asked for it and therefore will probably feel criticised by advice they never asked for.

What a Joke!

When I told this to my wife we both laughed so hard! Before the smile on my face had quite disappeared, I snapped this photo.

A friend of ours said to her mother: “Mother, whenever you give me advice I have not asked for, I feel criticised. But whenever I ask for your advice, I’m glad to receive the answer.” So, her mother opened an advice column in the local newspaper!

Hence my laughter when I saw I had done just this by writing a blog.

Okay. Where are we going today?

The drawing at the top relates to this recent post:

Called “Beating yourself up or not”

This is today’s:

It was the first drawing I did. (And better than than the one I used in that post.) So, let’s revise and extrapolate from there.

In that post, the two actors were labeled You and You. Today’s one is different, you can label the sadsack figure and the evil eye – Judge Mental – either as you or someone else (pick someone you loathe or who hates you) either way! Doesn’t matter. Try it every way you can think of.

Let me explain. My wife had a sequence of dreams. This her story, but it’s worth telling here.

In the first dream she was told: “Don’t live your life through Joe.” (That’s me). In the second, “It makes absolutely no difference what anybody thinks of you.” After a week or so, she received the next message: “It makes absolutely no difference what you think of anybody else.” And then…

The last message was: “it makes absolutely no difference what you think of yourself.”

Coming back to my thought for the day, or Advice To Myself. Which I have called You’ve Done It Again:

Whenever I perceive myself as failing, or anyone else as failing – or they perceive me as failing – just think, or say out loud: “Oh well, I’ve done it again! I’ve forgotten the three rules: It makes absolutely NO difference! 1. – What anybody thinks of me. 2. – What I think of anybody else. 3. – What I think of myself.”

This is Freedom!

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