Beating Yourself Up – Or Not

Picture No. 1 – that’s you on the left, feeling you’re a useless waste of space, and that’s also you as the eye, looking on disapprovingly. “Not good enough! I’m an idiot! Try harder! Getting nowhere!!” Etc.

How do you feel?

Picture No. 2 – you have now stepped back – out of the picture – and you’re just simply watching, and you notice that the sadsack figure AND the judgemental thought are the same, they are both images in your mind; you are aware of this little scene playing out, and you – as consciousness – allow it to roll on. You’re not identified as either of the two characters; you’re the watcher. Choiceless awareness, as that Irishman Chris N R Murphy* calls it.

How do you feel now?

* Krishnamurti on The Observer– on YouTube

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