Shift Happens!

You know, don’t you, that a major shift, a radical change, is necessary, right now – don’t you? Not a tweaking – not an adjustment. A genuine, actual, radical shift – of what? – Of how things are viewed, of perception. As long as all the current mind-sets, all the operational paradigms, all the shared certainties, the definitions, religious or political beliefs – all that – as long as that remains dominant, then nothing really changes, things remain the same! The same injustice, the same corruption, the same misery.  Same.

Where does this change begin? How to start? Out there in the world? No.

You and I need to come to a point, a place, where we know its not working. Enough is enough! Things must change, radically change! We must be where the change happens. You and I must be the change.

A practical way of allowing for real change (not forcing it nor pushing, but allowing) is to relax! Ease up on doing, on believing, making, back off from being certain “I know what’s wrong and I know what’s needed.” Neglect to reinforce your beliefs. Take a moment, an instant, totally off, from certainty of any kind.

And be ready to notice when your mind is quiet, and when the world/you become vast. keep the attention on that, for a moment longer. Dwell there, allow it.

Then shift happens! We are never the same after that!

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