A Rainbow

Sitting in my car, parking lot, Bunnings Warehouse, huge hardware store like Home Depot, rain. Rain on the windscreen, heater going, and a rainbow. Part of a rainbow anyway, rising up from the ground curving up and away, fading out. Vivid colour!

The word is not the thing, as Krishnamurti said, so let’s go past the word rainbow, let that go, and also memories, associations of/with other rainbows, descriptions we might have read or heard, explanations (scientific or otherwise), poems, meanings, yes, let all that go, the story in the Bible, Noah’s ark, the great flood, all that, rainbow as in gay pride, the rainbow snake, the 7 colours of the rainbow, and on and on, let that all go in favour of looking at the rainbow, of seeing it as if for the first time, seeing with innocent eyes, with a child’s openness. Ah!!

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