Forget About “God” For A Moment!

The Self-Realization Fellowship, in their name, have pointed out – again! – that God realisation is Self realisation. “God” is a politically hot term, mainly because there is a commonly shared illusion that you should believe in God, or, that you don’t believe, always centering around BELIEF. So, there are conflicting beliefs.

The point being, not to believe but to connect with, commune with, the Whatever-It-Is which we are naming, for convenience sake, God.

We are taught that God is All, so you and I (should we choose to) must enter the All by becoming consciously aware of the All, and #@&$*!!!! Wow! Once inside, my Self (capital S) is realised in the Same Moment! This is an exuberant moment! A profoundly quiet moment.

And by the way, I like to spell realisation with a Z – Realization! It sizzles!!

I share, from H.W.L. Poona, THIS:

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