I’m Busting To Tell You…

I’m busting to tell you The Secret, the Way to Enlightenment, to Awakening, but I can’t.

You see, that would be speaking the unspeakable, telling the untellable, ‘effing’ the ineffable. As the Taoists say, “The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao”.

And, yes, I do know. Except that while I am in the Knowing I can’t speak of it either. It seems to be the rule. Once again, from Taoism: “Those who speak do not know. Those who know do not speak”.

So how to proceed from this paradox (the greatest of all paradoxes, perhaps)? Well, it’s easier than it looks, my friend! You are enlightened! Already! It’s like the old discovery that my glasses are on my head, and I’ve been looking for them everywhere for an hour!

This could make you feel incredibly grumpy!! “I’m already enlightened? Is that what you’re saying? Nothing’s going right for me at the moment! How could I be?”

Hey, calm down, relax. I want you to be quiet a moment, it’s easy, if you mean it. In fact, that’s the way – be quiet! Stop doing, stop thinking! Be still.

And you can ask, when you finally shut up, you can ask your Awakened Self to reveal itself to you, or at the very least, to join with you there. I’m not messing with you! I can speak about this, but it’s each one that has do it for themselves.

It seems like a koan, and I guess it is, that each already is Awakened, since the conflict goes on.

But the ancients told us that to approach the Ultimate you first must shut up the activity, the striving, the thinking.

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