A Sense of Absolute Freedom

I am conscious of my iPad and the circular coffee table, of the sun coming in at seven-and-a-half minutes before noon by the clock with its Roman numerals, the chrysanthemums, my wife typing on her phone, the ginger-coloured cat, and many, many more objects in the room. And I’m conscious of you, dear reader too! – such is a brief list of the contents of my conscious mind; and you, my friend, my pen pal, are conscious of whatever it is you are conscious of, right now.

I am now going to ask you to slowly become aware of the act of consciousness itself, to step back a little from the specific contents – the data – and to contemplate the Operating System, the raw functionality, the whatever-it-is-ness of being conscious: to listen to the thunderous roar of the Silence which consciousness is.

Freedom, Sri H.W.L. Poonja tells me, in THIS, Poetry and Prose of Dancing Emptiness, (Weiser Books, Boston, 2000) is known when you/I identify as consciousness not as any object within that field of consciousness. To make this clear, imagine the movie screen and all the stories projected upon it: bushfires rage, floodwaters engulf the lowlands, bullets from the bad men rip through bodies! And the screen is not wet, nor is it burned up and there no bullet holes in the screen either. It remains unchanged.

Try it, try it now: shift your attention quietly from those things you are consciously aware of, to the quality, the “tone”, of pure consciousness. Accompanying the shift will come a Peace, and a Freedom which is truly yours.

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