“I Do Not Know What Anything Means”

In previous posts, I have talked about shutting up the mind, going into the silence – with curiosity – so as to know, or to be shown, more than what my current understanding of anything is.  Stopping my thinking! That is, setting aside my best opinions, knowledge, whatever I’ve gained from my experience, the entire sum of my past learning, and my beliefs about who and what I am. Empty it out, and listen.!

It goes by different names: meditation, being completely undefended, Being in the Now, prayer, and the Holy Instant, the Two-Step.  Escaping the human condition. Whatever it’s called, it doesn’t really matter, it’s the actual doing of it that matters. (One form of it is to say, and mean, the italicised paragraph below starting with the words
“I do not know what anything, INCLUDING THIS, means.”).

I’ve also referred to, and sometimes quoted from, A Course In Miracles. What follows here is selected passages from pages 342 -345 of the ‘Sparkly edition’ of the Course. It teaches what the Holy Instant is in practice, and how peace is essential to the learning process. 

Religious language – oh, no! For some of my readers, part of setting down the past will include setting down your past thoughts and concepts of, and associations with, the words God and Holy Spirit. Elsewhere in the Sparkly edition of the Course, the Holy Spirit is referred to as nothing more than your right Mind.   Also as ‘your divinity held in trust while you dally with the ego!’ Not some weird spiritual entity floating around.

Although I realise that this is powerful stuff, requiring as does each of us to set down that which we believe is essential to our survival and to our very ability to BE someone in this world, I feel impelled to share it with you. Some of you will want to dismiss it straight off; all I ask is you let it register with you. Take it into meditation. Let it catch you unawares. 

Okay, enough preamble. Here we go:

“Nothing you have ever learned can help you understand the present, or teach you how to undo the past. Your past IS what you have taught yourselves.

LET IT ALL GO. Do not attempt to understand any event, or anything, or anyone in its light, for the light of darkness by which you try to see can ONLY obscure.

When your peace is threatened or disturbed in any way, say to yourself,

“I do not know what anything, INCLUDING THIS, means.
And so I do not know how to respond to it.
And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide me now.”

By this refusal to attempt to teach yourself what you do not know, the Guide Whom God has given you will speak to you. He will take His rightful place in your awareness the instant YOU abandon it, and offer it to Him.

It is only because you think that you can run some little part, or deal with certain aspects of your lives alone, that the guidance of the Holy Spirit is limited. Thus would you make HIM undependable, and use this fancied undependability as an excuse for keeping certain dark lessons from Him. And by so limiting the guidance that you would ACCEPT, you are unable to depend on miracles to answer all your problems for you.

Those who remember always that they know nothing, but who have become willing to learn EVERYTHING, will learn it. But whenever they trust themselves, they will NOT learn. They have destroyed their motivation for learning by thinking they ALREADY know.

Think not you understand anything until you pass the test of perfect peace, for peace and understanding go together, and never can be found alone. Each brings the other WITH it, for it is the law of God they be not separate. They are cause and effect, each to the other, so where one is absent the other CANNOT be.

Only those who see they cannot know UNLESS the effects of understanding are with them can really learn at all. And for this, it must be peace they WANT, and nothing else. Whenever you think YOU know, peace will depart from you because you have abandoned the Teacher of Peace. Whenever you fully realize that you know NOT peace will return, for you will have invited Him to do so by abandoning the ego on behalf of Him. Call not upon the ego for anything. It is only THIS that you need do. The Holy Spirit will, of HIMSELF, fill every mind that so makes room for Him.”


  1. I think it’s great that you are learning something new. I did have a few comments but not to discourage you.

    Preamble — “Nothing you have ever learned can help you understand the present”

    Except for:
    Medical Information
    Use of Technology

    Preamble — “for the light of darkness by which you try to see can ONLY obscure”

    Except for:
    This Preamble O.o

    Preamble — “And so I do not know how to respond to it.”

    Except for:
    A child being put in danger. If that happens then “Know” and “Respond” to save the child.


    1. Dear Lander7, Thank you for your comment. You are right, of course, but, except for the last (care for the child), these are coming from human understanding. The compassion and love. shown in your last example, ultimately come from the Source of Love – Divine Love, do they not? And it is from that perspective – the Divine perspective – that the Course In Miracles is saying we should act. I believe we should use language, medical information, and technology, at least temporarily, because if we experienced a full-blown miracle we might go into stark terror, But these are all “magical thinking”, ultimately. My point in this post is to help us to get past ALL conditioned thinking, where everything we believe we know is put gently aside, at least for a moment, to go beyond our current understanding.


      1. You stated — “My point in this post is to help us to get past ALL conditioned thinking, where everything we believe we know is put gently aside, at least for a moment, to go beyond our current understanding.”

        My response — Let’s test that theory. I have something for you that exceeds our current understanding. There are no answers for what you are about to see so maybe it falls under your beyond. At the very least try to take a peek at one of them.



      2. In reply – I did take a peek, read it all (and wondered if there were links in each of the 6 parts, to go a little further?). My wife has had the doppelganger experience up close and personal, meeting herself in another human being. I was there and got on wonderfully with the other! Yes! All these speculations are fascinating, but what about this one — what if there IS a Reality, which exists regardless of our projections upon it, no matter how we manipulate or interpret or reshape it? No matter how we imagine or reimagine it? Wouldn’t that be interesting, to find out what it is? And in the process, find out WHO or what it is that is doing the investigating? isn’t that still open to each of us?!!! That’s why silencing the restless mind and listening, a bit like Jodie Foster did in the movie (what was the name?), maybe the way to go. You can do it right now. You (and I) are the key. Are we a “virtual reality”?And infinitely re-writeable?


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