How Do We Break The Habit Of Excessive Thinking?

I have often spoken of meditation as being the threshold of breakthrough, transformation, awakening, enlightenment. It is when we stop thinking. It is when we choose to still the mind and enter, I will call it a vast silence, with genuine curiosity.

It is the whole point of my blog, which I have called STOP thinking NOW! Go into the Silence!

Now, up to a certain point, thinking is useful, but its preoccupation with the past and future leads us away from an awareness of what is happening right in our face, now, and away from awareness of the numinous presence of our very Being.

There is a problem, though, because even if we want to, we mostly can’t stop thinking!

Eckhart Tolle in this 11 minute YouTube video speaks to the fact that thinking is an addiction, and that thoughts have a magnetic pull, which lead to further thought, and so on. He then gives some practical ways to free oneself from the habit of excessive thinking.

The questioner asks how to stop thinking, and Eckhart Tolle’s answer begins at 1:42.

Click here.

Thank you, Mr. Tolle!

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