Can I Find Peace And Keep It?

I have often thought of my life as a striped existence. Alternating bars of light and shade, my feelings and experience oscillating between fear and joy, depression and vitality, confusion and true understanding. 

It’s easy to be “enlightened” because it sometimes happens to me spontaneously and if I remember to express gratitude it even stays awhile.

But it’s hard to keep it! Something else just whips in and takes its place, just like that. Out of habit, perhaps. Or out of a long-standing belief that “life sucks”, “shit happens”, or the “justifiable” pessimism of the world-weary, long-suffering human.

Can Peace be experienced?

I find I cannot experience Peace at all, when I am attempting to think for myself.

I rehearse (over and over!) my opinions, my conclusions, my past experiences, the rules and definitions I have been taught or have taught myself – uh oh! -THINKING!

And when I give my attention to my thoughts I obscure or forget my Being entirely, hell-bent as I am, to make use of it for my plans and goals.

Thinking is accepted as “normal”, it is cultivated, admired, and never suspected as being the root cause of the problem. It could be said to be The Common Error.

“I Think Therefore I Am” now reads: “I think, therefore I have forgotten who I am”!

Where Is My Peace?

Within you, within me, there is a heart, a core, a soul, a ground of Being, that has as its fundamental characteristic, Peace.

And along with that peace is a fulsome knowing of who and what we are, and a sense of connectedness with all living things, with all the universe. 

And, none of these qualities are one half of a pair of opposites. They come to rest, as it were, within you, as yourself, inclusive of each and every one of us.

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