How BIG is anything?

When you were a kid, and you maybe wondered about many things, did you ever wonder how actually big you were? Not compared to other kids, or compared to anything, but actually how big?

Today I had two experiences of size. It started this morning, when I opened an email from Avaaz asking for help in stopping the slaughter of elephants. I donated a small amount of money, and hope that the poachers can be stopped, or at least slowed , because I love elephants. Who doesn’t? They’re big, and that’s part of their charm! Whales, too. How wonderful, that sizeness!

Then, this afternoon I look down at my hand, and I have a hitch-hiker, a tiny friend, so small it’s almost invisible. How exquisite only shows up when I manage to get a photo, and zoom in!

How big is anything, really?

By the way, it’s a very big problem, with trophy hunters and poachers killing elephants, so if you feel you want to help, click the Avaaz link above.

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