The Shadow Of A Wine Glass – or, “Have old people allowed themselves to become old?”

“Have old people allowed themselves to become old?”

Just simply asking this question brings the mind awake, suggests that there might be an answer.

I’m sitting and writing this in the waiting area of an eye surgeon’s clinic, and – as when I’ve been waiting for a flight, I get interested in what is happening around me and the people that I’m looking at and I become curious – and I wonder how much of what they are is due to their beliefs, to their thinking – their conditioning?

The folks around me are mainly categorized as “old” – and (I was born in 1941), I am often perceived as old. But I choose not to see myself that way and so manifest a different, younger body language, way of walking and talking because I feel I am looking out through the same 24-year-old eyes that I’ve been looking out from ever since I was 24. … I have not changed! – In my mind, at least.

(Some time later! …)

I’ve been “handled” by a succession of medical professionals since I wrote the above; and with each one, I feel more and more disempowered, smaller and less sure of myself. I make an effort to sidestep this. I must be awake, careful to not necessarily believe everything I’m being told.

The reason for the disempowerment is that they look at me through the model of their training which defines me in terms of my body (specifically my eyes) with its symptoms and its seemingly material nature. So, of course, their response is eye drops and operations.

Their belief in their definitions (Pterygium, Blepharitis, Epiphora in my case) IS their livelihood (their income and therefore financial/physical survival).  But it also is my “salvation” – since I do come dependent on their help. I’m not despising eye drops and operations, just challenging the basis of the medical materialist model. Insights lately have been showing me: everything is Spirit, not matter. Maybe there is more to this?

They also feel comfort in being inside a tribe, the scientific mob. I am no longer really believing this stuff. So, we’re coming from different places, and from different perspectives. They want to see me as ill, I want to see me as whole. Now.

Back to my question. Have old people allowed themselves to become old?– have they even invited it, by expecting to become old – “After all, everyone else is growing old so why shouldn’t I? It’s logical, isn’t it?”

No! – it’s only “logical” to a mind conditioned to believe that’s it’s normal, and that death is inevitable. So – is there an alternative? I’m questioning that, I’m challenging that.

I’m just saying be curious. If there is a God and God is All There Is, then perfection is already here, and we must be looking straight at it and be misperceiving it: as aging, disease, dying. 

Go into it, Joe! Go into it, dear reader! Preconceptions aside! Go into the silence, the void of not-knowing – expecting an answer! Let us use curiosity, leaving aside our best conclusions!

Stop thinking. Be curious: about a flower, a thumbnail, or the shadow of a wine glass. There is more.


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