Triinity (with three i’s) Harmony in 3 parts …


Tripartite harmony

At the moment I’m into composing music; my wife is in a vocal group for which I’m composing and arranging (Fats Waller and Duke Ellington songs, among others), and I’m having fun!

And although I’m a jazz musician, when I compose, the stuff that comes shows up in a classical style!

The choir has the traditional four parts – soprano/alto/tenor/bass, but I felt inspired to write in 3 parts here, and chose wind instruments for the voices on the Musescore* program. The silence at the end is the empty measures (bars) which will contain the as yet unwritten part.

The realization of the kindredness – the close relationship – of drawing and writing music has given me a new freedom! Lines will play together!!!

Please comment, or collaborate with me on the scoring!


Photo: me, son and grandson! -Three-part harmony!


*Musescore is a free download scoring program; quite easy to use, it has four modes of note input (including midi keyboard and virtual keyboard), and you can hear your score played back. I recommend it. Slower than manuscript paper and pencil, but you can hear your edits!


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