The Inconceivable as a doorway to God-experience

Here is a recording of my reading of this text:


The INCONCEIVABLE as a doorway to God-experience

I’m doing my darnedest to avoid using the word God in my posts because some people have a total white-out at that point. The term “God” is not Politically Correct!

I have some who follow this blog who are Christians, and others, familiar with different spiritual traditions, who would be quite okay with that word God. In the interests of all, I’ve been trying to approach the subject in as broad terms as possible.

What subject? The subject of Awakening, of coming Home, of Freedom with a capital F!  Not self-improvement! Not bettering oneself! Not making life more habitable without radical change. 

Okay, that said, let’s dive in. Some ideas about “God”:

For me, the most useful name for God (or The Tao, Source, Divinity) is – The Inconceivable! That name blows ALL concepts away! I can’t put God in a box.

And … (this really blew me away!) – if God Created me like Himself/Herself, then my true Self must be, likewise, Inconceivable! (!!) (But notice I didn’t say unexperienceable. It can, and must, be experienced.)

Is this what “stopping my thinking” is all about?

Is that the radical shift required of me – to abandon my much-loved, comfortable misery?

… … …

I’d like to talk, for a moment, about A Course In Miracles. I’m a lover, even a disciple, of Yogananda and the Self Realization Fellowship, and the Hindu scriptures. I also love the Zen Buddhist take on things, and Lao-Tzu, Chuang-Tzu, and the Taoist approach. And I’ve spent many years within the Christian and Catholic folds. And then came along something which for me is the best of the bunch, for a seeker of mind-oxygen. It contains all of them but is much clearer, and it “paints you into a corner”, making the choice for Truth inevitable.

To stop thinking, to listen, and to inquire, “What is the Truth?” is the RADICAL step. The step beyond my elaborately- and laboriously-built sense of self, barricaded against danger, safe from a hostile world.

But of Whom do I ask the question? – That which knows the Truth.

You could say:

That which knows the Truth, please share with me what the Truth is. I will be quiet and I will listen without the interference of my own best thinking and I will lean into, with willingness, That which loves me, … That which holds nothing back of what It is from me—His expression—and I will stay in this state of quiet inquisitiveness and willingness to hear until I hear, until I learn the Truth.”*

Now, maybe I could feel fear at this point! This would be part of my old defense system kicking in. But I keep going! Keep asking, keep listening for, expecting, an answer.

A gentle, non-fearful way of approaching this is to be with a flower, and – putting aside all I know of flowers – asking: “What is the more here, that I am not seeing?”


*I have lifted this and edited it slightly from a Raj Study Group on A Course In Miracles, page 3. Click here for the transcript if you’re interested.

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