Legally Bland

‘I’m middle class, middle-aged, and middle-of-the-road – and I’m about to be run down by a big Mack truck, probably killed … Oh well, that’s life.’

‘Legally bland’ is what I’m now calling settling-for-less, choosing mediocrity, accepting the human condition(ing) as ‘life’ – as in ‘oh, that’s life’. NO, IT’S NOT. Or ‘Life is hell and then you die’. Exciting, maybe, but ultimately banal, bland. And I allow this to govern my life?

It’s trying to adapt to misery, and it ain’t gonna work ‘cos it never has!

Come on. All the indicators are pointing to the fact that there’s more, much more.

Anita Morgani, Jim Carrey, Maya Angelou, Eckhart Tolle, Hew Len – there’s a bunch of voices that come to mind straight off, and there’s a lot more of them, speaking of the higher quality of life that awaits us at the cost only of a little shift of attention, a little effort, a little willingness. 

YouTube or Google is your first point of contact if you are interested, or the links I’ve put above.

I’ve shared with you already on this blog what springs from my background noise – not background anxiety but background joy! – a wonderful sort of mental tinnitus or Grand AUM. My experience is one of tapping in, not to the awful truth but to the awe-full truth. A grounded optimism.

And I know I will continue to share this sort of stuff. There are very few people really interested, but the feeling is that the numbers are growing fast.

Mental habits are strong – you probably think I’m talking about improving your life. No – it’s not about better jobs, or improved conditions, more success, achieving goals, bigger house, more money … no, it’s about fulfilment, doing what makes visible and real to you your and everyone else’s divine reality.

Stop thinking of yourself as a mortal in a material universe. It’s not true and that’s why it doesn’t help. I want to leave you with a word of advice: Stop It!

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