Waking up from the dream

I like the movie The Truman Show. And I like Jim Carrey.

This morning I had a quiet vision, where I dreamed the movie on, to a sequel, where the opening scene would show the whole construction on the Truman Show set and all the make-believe characters in it would crumble, evaporate, fade away to nothing; and then the following scenes would show life without artifice, sans fakery, no bullshit. The problem (or the quirky necessity) would be you would need writers, director, producers and actors who were awake. Otherwise, how would they know how to show that?

Peter Weir and Jim Carrey were awake when they put together The Truman Show – at least partially awakened, or at least they were while the movie was in the making. It’s a telling metaphor or parable for our common state of dreaming our “reality”.

In the final scenes in the movie, he finds the door in the hemisphere that skins the fake town Seahaven, “the largest studio ever made” –  this door is Truman’s way out of the dream he now realizes isn’t true; and (allow me to sermonize here) the door out will appear for me in any here-and-now moment when I really want out. That moment awaits.

… … …

In this video, Jim Carrey speaks (without sermonizing!) as one who is awake.

This is beautiful: Jim Carrey talks about playing Jim Carrey among the host of other characters he has played. And how that character dropped away – “I don’t want to be ME anymore”. Maybe I don’t want to be me anymore, either, and I don’t have to. I’m tired of it – tired out by it.

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