How to stop thinking – a practical device.

“Thinking is not the normal use of your mind”.


I’m going to share with you a practical technique which helps me to stop thinking.


All I can say is it works for me, works every time and has done for years.

  • The first thing I do is mental: I desire and intend to stop thinking.
  • The second part is a simple physical movement: I extend two fingers of my right hand – the index and second finger – and make small clockwise circles with those fingers. That’s all.

Video demonstration

The immediate change in my mental “space” is subtle but real. Before, I am thinking, now I am not. Before, my mind is focussed on one problem or project, now it is alert in all directions, quiet, listening. Just like a spotlit view changing to light all around.


As through a doorway, I have stepped into the present.


Another thing seems to have happened: my ego has disappeared! 


Now I’m not saying this would work for everyone. But I expect there is something like this that each person could discover that will work if you have a genuine motivation to stop thinking even if only for a minute or two.


Into this quiet, receptive state can come insight, or fresh perspectives, changed perception and clarity.


If you want it to work, and are just starting out – obviously you will not want to be in a distracting environment, or under stress. Eventually, that is exactly where you will need it most! but pick a nice quiet time and place to begin exploring this practice. And don’t give up on it, persist! Maybe give it a week at least. Something will happen.


Trust me, you will not disappear! Even if the experience lasts only for a fraction of a second, you will return to the world refreshed! You will come to love it. 


(There is a nice bonus to this if you want to sleep but can’t because your mind won’t stop thinking: it puts you in the happy place of either being able to fall asleep now – or no longer worrying!)


Your comments are welcomed.


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