I – I

“I” the usurper, and *I*

I … I – I … “I” –  Nice looking letter! A short, powerful word, and useful, very useful! I use it every day. But – in any sentence – one ought not to use words which one does not understand!

When I speak of “I” what, or who, am I referring to? Do I know? – Of course I know!!???

What?!! @#%&**@#!! ??  !!!!! … … … (patience, my friends!)

What is being said here (to quote Paramhansa Yogananda) is this:


“When this ‘I’ shall die,

then shall I know who am I”. *


Anyone interested in the Truth must watch carefully, so as to be aware how the adopted persona appears and acts for us. It’s impersonating the Self, faking it, and it’s totally made up! – a complete fantasy.

The same applies when relating to the other person – notice how we react or respond to their persona/ego/self-image/self-perception, and how they respond to ours. Like actors in a movie or like characters in a novel, our substitute selves behave as a proxy for us!

Now, it’d be okay if it made us happy, but it does not make us happy! We are uneasy, uncomfortable, even distressed, as a result of allowing this. And usually, we decide to live with the distress, to tolerate it! ‘That’s life’ we say. But it’s not a life lived fearlessly, to the full.

Okay, but what can be done, to replace the usurper – the interloper – with reality? I can shut up. And go into the silence. And ask the question, of my Higher Self, “who am I – really?” And persist.

What better thing could demand our energy, our persistence?


*”When this ‘I’ shall die” does not mean: “when I die”, but when this false sense of self is let go.


See also Hoo Am I


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