I Am Here

Powerful words, to utter, at any time or place.

The word here is the easiest to understand, or to realize. Here is always where you’re at in the universe, your current physical address. Driving your car, in the shower, sitting at your computer, as I am now, typing this. In the job interview chair, about to board an airplane, standing in fear of what is about to happen when you meet this next person or beaming love at a child. It keeps changing but is a continuous presence, or fact.

Could fill a book as thick as a phone book (remember those?) with specific instances.

Here is also where you’re at in your mind, always.

Am is what we take for granted – “Please don’t waste my time talking about being. I’ve got things to do!” Being is like the ground, the earth under our feet – it’s always there even when I’m asleep in bed, silently, self-effacingly supporting everything I do. “I don’t need to think about that.”

No, don’t think about it – feel it! Stop and become aware of nothing else. I Am.

Last word, the first: I. … I. Now, we’re going to have to go deeper than ID. ID is my name and address, my date-of-birth, my Curriculum Vitae – it’s information on my personal history as recorded in files held by bureaucracies like the tax office, etc. It is photographs of me, it’s what people in my family or at work think of me, what I think of myself. My opus. All that. That is all good, but superficial, and I even need to go deeper than my private thoughts and feelings. It’s becoming vast.

Let’s be honest – You or I don’t really have a fulsome or complete knowledge of what that pronoun “I” means! So, to realize a simple sentence of three words – I am here – is going to require a little time and attention, and courage, because it means stepping beyond the familiar, beyond my comfortable patterns.


Look up from your screen, gaze out on whatever is in your face, and say quietly, I Am Here. Take a moment. Allow it to sink in, or yourself to sink into It: Being. You will know you have done this when you find yourself experiencing awe.


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