Take time to visit with the Timeless

I have only one message – and I find it reflected everywhere and expressed in so many ways.

STOP thinking, NOW! Go into the Silence!

In order to freshly express this message once again, I use the practice itself. I step outside, away from the computer, and experience the blue sky, the air, the sun coming out after the rain. Droplets sparkle on the leaves. I BECOME VERY STILL.

Is a word picture enough? Maybe not – so here’s a photograph.


Being with nature helps, for me.

The message is hinted at in most of my posts. It is stated quite directly in its simplicity here.

I found more expressions of it on the Maverick Philosopher today. “From time to time we should devote special time to be still and listen beyond the human horizon.  Modern man, crazed little hustler and self-absorbed chatterbox that he is, needs to enter his depths and listen.”


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