The Wisdom of Relieving Oneself

I was sitting on the toilet this morning, having a pee (and although I am male, I find it relaxing to sit to pee) – and the realization dawned on me: GOD IS A SYMBOL! The effect was galvanizing. Every part of my mind was suddenly alert, receptive, joyful. Electrified!! At the same time, I understood this had ushered me into God’s presence, so to speak, allowing the awareness: that surrounding me there on the toilet – there was nothing that was not God! … And a feeling of utter happiness.

Somehow I had entered into a space of receptivity. Listening. Often stuff will come to me while I’m taking a piss – it’s, for me anyway, a space between activities, and it allows my mind to rest for a bit. And quite often I realize something completely new.

Go to the bathroom! You’ve been busting for a leak! Talk to your source! Say hello to that of which you are an offspring. Call it “It”, call it “Him”, call it “Her”, call it anything! “God” – as a thought – is a symbol! Brush gently aside the symbol and enter into the reality! (Only joking about the bathroom).

Oh!! Be a Buddhist, be a Taoist, Muslim, Christian, whatever – or don’t! Step away from religion, or immerse yourself in it, I don’t mind, but be honest, as honest as if your life depended on it (and it does!)

But stop thinking, put aside your wonderful, exciting thoughts – good or bad – and go into the silence within yourself. And call on that which you are, that which is being (verb) and underlies, supports, nourishes, and motivates your being (verb!). Feel it. You are being loved.

And don’t forget to flush.


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