The Moment After Letting Go

That’s me in the air, a moment earlier letting go of the trapeze on the right, with the other trapeze swinging towards me, but I haven’t laid hold of it yet; I drew me as young because that’s how I feel at this moment – young/innocent/ageless. And raw.

There’s no net. That’s how it feels for an instant. Then I realize there is a net, and it’s ME! I am the second trapeze and the net and everything, I’m back home, where I’ve always been.

It’s an analogy, of course, of the switcheroo that happens in meditation. The 180-degree turn. It sort of explains why we are reluctant to practice the utter letting go of all we believe, even for only an instant.

WordPress told me that Isha Garg liked one of my comic drawings, so I took a look at her site, and read this post Naturally Unnatural, and I wrote this comment:

“Isha, Thank you for this post, and thank you too, for “liking” a couple of my comic drawings. I’m of the same mind as you – let me put it like this: we are all heavily conditioned to believe and act in certain ways that are not natural to us; in effect, we have been “colonized” by an invading culture. But the natural is still there and can be accessed. This is true “brainwashing” – washing the crap out of our contaminated minds. The conditioning is a rogue software, a malware. Anyway, my blog is based on the idea that part of the rogue software is THINKING itself; stop thinking, meditate, and just BE. Breathe – look around. Stop. Like your drawing, too.”

The point is, you have to do something about it. And not just letting your hair down occasionally. This colonizing of the native brain didn’t just happen to us, we went along with it and we maintain it – out of habit, or out of fear of what might happen to us if we step out of line.

More here on the joy of letting go!

By the way, this image of the trapeze artist came to me (as do a lot of my good ideas) while I was taking a pee this morning. It’s like I have this team of writers who create my material and they can never get hold of me, so they wait for when I’m relaxed, like when having a pee!

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