Is My Mind In My Brain? Is There A More Important Question?

I’m going to talk to you about the belief that the words brain and mind are interchangeable. And I’m going to suggest that they are not: everything is experienced in, or within, mind – everything seeming physical, everything called “physical”. Which means that your brain is in your skull which is part of your body, but your body is in your mind, not the other way round.

Everything you’ve been told about your brain is exactly that: it’s what you’ve been told.

Never, at any time, have you experienced your brain, so you don’t have any direct knowledge of it. You can’t feel it, and (although you may have had the pleasure of seeing someone else’s) you have never seen your own.

A lump of electro-chemical meat, is how it has been described, and, I agree, it’s an amazing organ, but how it could comprehend itself, is something I’ve never been able to comprehend.

Now, I don’t research my subjects, I simply go within my mind, so you may stop reading now if you think this is invalid as a basis for serious thought.

However, I am interested in making sense of my experience, and I suspect you may be too, and that you may also be curious about the puzzle , the puzzle which I’m calling the MIND. As far as I know, and my experience may be limited to this lifetime – 77 years only – but! … as far as I know scientists have admitted the limits of science in regard of the subjects of –

– Life
– Consciousness
– Being
– Mind

So, I’ll continue, I don’t think science has anything definitive to offer on these topics -which, I will venture, are so intimately related that, if you crack one you’ll crack them all. That’s big stuff! And I will stick my neck out here, I think that in the process of understanding these, you will also come at last to understand yourself.

And at the same moment, you will understand me, and I you, and we will at last be able to see through the other’s eyes with total understanding.

So, really big stuff!

Why is it important to reference science here? Because it is (at this point in history) the ruling illusion, the ruling religion. It has taken the role of the priest and the church as to pronouncing what is what, what is reality. Consider that.

I’m going to stop here, and I’m inviting comments, I’m asking you to join the discussion. The only criterion is: please no rampant political agendas! This is fun, and should be treated as though it’s a a joyous interchange between friends who are slightly drunk! 🙂

Just remember nothing is required!

But I’d love you to get involved. But don’t go crazy. Please.

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