I wanted to express my gratitude to those of you who respond to my posts by liking or following. And also to those in the online community who read and don’t click on a button – you  – I know you’re there! – you too, thank you!

It is really heartening, really gladdening, to me to feel you joining with me in whatever it is that’s going on here – a conversation let’s call it, even communion, between people we haven’t met, in some cases don’t even know your names.

The actual numbers don’t matter: a handful of follows, a scattershot of likes, an almost instant response, of “hey! we’re out here and we hear you!”

I visit your blogs but often I can’t find the like or comment button. WordPress? Wot the …? Is it me?

As we say in Oz, Thanks mate. Cheers.


The picture? I guess it’s saying something with the least possible strokes. You might end up with a nothing. But if you’re lucky a something emerges! Enjoy.



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