The Absolutely Incredible Privilege of Existing

The Absolutely Incredible Privilege of Existing

[Addressed to myself – and anyone else who needs it.]

There is a blinding fact which is so close-up it’s not noticed – or completely ignored: something so, SO obvious – yet it is dismissed instantly, incessantly. What is it? you ask (half-interested). I’ll whisper it to you: That You Exist.

You ARE.


First up – don’t turn it into a question: Why, or How, do I exist?

Second up – do not accept the explanation you’ve been told: that you are in existence as a result of a random collision between a sperm and an egg, following an earlier event called a Big Bang which gave rise to a bunch of stuff called the universe – planets, animals and so on.

Let that go. It’s as far-fetched as was Catholic theology to a peasant in the middle ages. If you can’t let it go, park it on one side for later.


No! – don’t listen to explanations or questions; feel it. Experience it. Suck on it for a moment! Soak (immerse or drench yourself) in it!! “You can’t think your existence”, said my painting teacher, John Ogburn, “but you can experience it”. How to do that?

Start to drop the descriptors at the end of these sentences!

I am an American.

I am an architect.

I am a woman.

I am 35 years of age.

I am a tired old man.

I am a brilliant/woeful musician.

I am in pain.

I am 1.8 metres tall.


Stripped of their descriptive and imaginative endings each of the above sentences should now read: I am. We could capitalize that: I AM.

In bold: I AM.

I AM – say it out loud while looking around, or with your eyes shut, say it three times, feeling it. … Breathe.

Go on. BE IT.




I’m so glad you gave that a try! Now we are on the same page.


Or, I could put it like this:


In your ARE-ing, Your AM-ing, your IS-ness

lies the Whole of my True current business.

Your Existence, your Presence, your Being

is the only thing I’m really Seeing.

The Fact that you’re Here

is what makes you dear –

your BE-ing is YOU-ing and ME-ing!



Nothing is actually required! (Up to you.)



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