Waking Up To Your Self

I have just listened to a one-hour recording of an ACIM study group, September 19, 2009. I’d love to share the whole thing with you – it is so inspiring – it is “Radical idealism translated into practical realism”, in other words, lofty spiritual stuff which you can use to actually make a difference in your life, every day.

But maybe you don’t have that sort of time to spare right now, so I’m offering a little part of the session.

If the religious language offends or turns you off, please bear with me here; Raj redefines the Holy Spirit (which we know as a Christian term) as “That which is nothing more than your Right Mind” after telling us that we are not wholly sane at the moment, and need to be whole, before we can be truly happy or truly have peace of mind. So we are not yet in our Right Mind.

This a portion of the early part of the talk:


Learning is very key here. Because although you can absorb information, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that information changes you. You can be full of information that doesn’t cause any growth whatsoever—doesn’t cause any learning whatsoever. And learning is the key factor.

The Bible says, “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.”2

Well, transformation is a good word for learning, isn’t it? Transformation means that the form of a thing has changed—has become something new.

“Be ye transformed …” by what? “The renewing of your mind.”

Well, how does that renewing of your mind occur?

In the holy instant. Learning occurs when you say, “What is the truth here, Father?” In other words, when instead of providing the meaning and providing the definition and asserting it, you back off a little and you are willing to acquiesce to another point of view—another way of looking at it. But not just another way of looking at it, because you’re specifically asking the Holy Spirit, Who is the Voice for God … —the Voice for truth.

So, what you are inviting is transformation in you as a result of the renewing of your mind which will inevitably occur when you ask of That which will be telling you the Truth—the ultimate truth—revealing to you the real experience of what things Are, of what Creation Is, of what the Meaning is of everything. You see?”

“Be ye transformed … ” be ye not like you were yesterday … be ye not like you were just before that holy instant … “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” is another way of describing translating radical idealism into practical realism.

Now, all of this is very important. Because learning must occur or you will not Wake Up*. Learning will occur, or the Holy Spirit will not have accomplished Its function. That which is nothing more than your right Mind will not have succeeded in reuniting all of you—all of what you Are—so that there is no longer an imagined portion of yourself that you are choosing to identify as the whole of yourself, and you have yielded and let that private little tiny portion of the totality of you be released into the totality of you.


Audio and full transcript click here.

*Waking Up: becoming fully aware of Reality, as It Is. Coming back into your Right Mind. Becoming Whole, unfragmented.


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