Effing The Ineffable (At 24 frames-per-second!)

Okay. I’m pissing – and the question What Am I …? comes into my mind … I relax,

then Peace … the Moment of Conscious Awareness … words with capital letters! …


There’s no place where it’s not present” said Master Chuang. “Give me an example so that I can get an idea,” said Master Easturb. “It’s in ants,” said Master Chuang. “How can it be so low?” “It’s in panic grass.” “How can it still be lower?” “It’s in tiles and shards.” “How can it still be lower?” “It’s in shit and piss.”.


It’s …

where the eye-glance sips the printed word …

where the ballpoint touches the paper …

the fingertip taps the key …

where the nose sniffs the air …

the cup kisses the lip …

the velcro-er hooks the velcro-ee

the pee wets the toilet bowl …

or the eyelash brushes the cheek …


IN … the minutiae of daily activities …


God (the Tao) makes everything new each moment, while in every moment

we don’t see it, we miss it

– thinking/believing it’s a material world,

we look straight at it and miss what’s hidden (from us currently) in plain sight.

Imagine how the movie – projected at 24 frames per second – shows a table,

sitting there very still,

seemingly unmoving, but is actually image-after-image flickering on-and-off,

continuously replaced by a new one,

uncannily like the one before, so you don’t notice any difference.


That gives some idea,

of the possibility at least,


of things being created anew each moment in the Mind of God (Tao).

24 frames per second – now … now … now …

new … new … new …


God is all, there is no alternative.

And yet …

The Name that can be Named is not the Eternal Name


(One more quote from Chuang Tzu “Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him?”) … Don’cha love it?



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