Asking a Good Question

William Blake made a cryptic utterance when he said: “He is led to believe a lie who sees with, not through, the eye”. What could that mean? Does it have anything to do with me?

The scene in the photo is where I am right now. I took the photo a minute ago from where I sit, on my little old wooden boat in view of the mountain, in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

I’m doing nothing.

My uncle William meant something like this: you see what you’re seeing with, and if you’re not aware of your awareness – of how you are using your mind – you will be inevitably mistaken, you will misperceive.

The question which could be a “good question”, then, is: How am I using my mind? Am I on automatic, being run by data, by memory banks, by my conditioning? Because that’s what will happen if I don’t step back, enquire to see the big picture, stop and become curious to see what’s REALLY going on.

Meditation, what Raj calls the “two-step“, Huw Len refers to as “Zero” in his talks on Ho’oponopono, or just simply stopping and acknowledging that you don’t know – there are lots of names for it but it’s a simple practice if you put your mind to it!


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