Get your mind blown, HERE!

The sketch above I made a moment ago to show Adrienne my indelible memory of a poster I saw back in the sixties, in Sydney, pasted up in a bus shelter in Macquarie street.

It showed the world and somebody’s head poking out, gaping at what was not going on in the world. Everyone else, it hinted, was busy, heads down, engrossed in whatever fascinated them.

Folks, there’s more in this universe than you have ever dreamed of, as Shakespeare said, somewhere.

The world view you and I hold and act by is a story. A STORY, and we’re making it up. It was inculcated, educated into us by our parents and teachers, gurus, and the zeitgeist or mental environment.

It is a fantasy.

Stick you’re neck out, mate, look for the bigger picture, be curious!

Now. Commercial break. If you want your mind blown, go to

What is the universe? Is there more than one? What or who is God? What or who am I? Is there life on other planets? WTF?

Believe me, friend, there is a lot more to life than we are thinking/believing, no matter which way you look at it. Choose to poo poo it, okay, and stay in your box. Or stuck you bread out, oops, sorry, typo – stick your head out!

Thanks for listening. Luvya. X

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