X’s, Y’s, and V’s.

Just having a bit of fun here.

I took this photo one morning, and want to tell you what I like about it.

If you let your eyes flatten the image, and remove from your perception the depth clues, the X’s become obvious! Then maybe that makes you look for other letters of the alphabet. Now I can see a K!

Nice, huh? did you spot the 3 V’s, one at the foot of each leg? It’s a “where’s Wally?” game, but it makes a point about “abstract” art – the image is actually flat, that much is real, but the folding stool and the carpet are allusions (or illusions), not being actually present. They are hints, which will draw the visual ideas of stool and carpet from out of the memory banks. That’s the bit you, as the viewer, contribute!

I still get a kick out of realizing that.



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