From confused to clear, now.


Nobody has the chutzpah, the genius, the honesty, the BALLS – to say they don’t actually f—–g know what to do about Donald, the “leader of the free world” the President of the most powerful country/military in the world, a toddler with an AK47, a Mister Bean on steroids, an ego, blind and ignorant and stupid.

But neither do I – or you – know WTF to do about my/your personal shit either, and that is more pressing as an issue, isn’t it? It’s here and now shit!

Sure, “I get by, with a little help from my friends” – alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, TV, unexamined beliefs about “life”, long-term habits, the occasional pleasure, ‘watching out for number one’, ‘staying under the radar’, ‘keeping my nose clean’, and so on, and so on. I get by.

But is it richly fulfilling, and deeply satisfying? Am I whole?

With honesty, admit that you don’t REALLY know what you’re doing most of the time, and don’t even really know WHO you ARE. Stop. Stop kidding yourself. This is step one. If I stop here, it is profoundly depressing. My life has come to naught. It can seem that way, sometimes. But – wait, there’s more!

A story:

A man stumbles, as if blind, in the darkest of nights, not knowing with any certainty even where he’s going; but he’s aided with a cane, a stick, which – held in his dominant hand – taps regularly at the ground, in front, and to right and left. With this stick, and the response from the ground, he gains confidence slowly, that he is okay, he’s safe and he believes in the eventual outcome as good.

But there comes a moment in which there is no sound at all when the stick attempts to tap the ground ahead. Wait! Hang on, maybe there’s a hole or a chasm in front of me! So, tap to the right, maybe that’s where the path leads! He taps to the right – nothing! To the left – nothing!. Oh, dear! I’m in big trouble! I’d better go back!  But when he taps with his stick, in the blackness of the night, behind him – there is nothing! 

So, not knowing which way to turn, he stops completely and waits for the morning and in the first light he sees that his stick had broken off, unnoticed. And all around him the way is open!

Back to the depressing thought.

Step 1. Stop.

Step 2: Ask, and listen. Ask who? Ask what? If you really want to know, it won’t matter what you call it or the name you give it: the Tao. my source, the universe, my higher self, god, my ‘capital S’ Self, even call on that experience you once had (but didn’t believe) of a miracle. In the darkness, question the darkness; in the void where you find yourself after setting down everything you thought was real, ask the void itself what it is. Don’t be afraid.

This the mother of all ‘mid-life crises’! This is Dante’s “In the midst of life’s journey I found myself in a dark wood, for the right path was lost.”

But ask, in all honesty, and LISTEN. Listen, for as long as it takes. And don’t prescribe the form in which the answer will come. It may be just a feeling, but a very different feeling.


For a wonderful, inspirational talk from Raj, about using this very moment to practice the Two-Step or “Holy Instant” – his term for the process above, click here. Click on the speaker icon to hear the talk.

Or copy and paste this link:








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