Crisis Or No Crisis, You Can Opt For Magnitude

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What we’re being presented with here, intellectually, is something that many of you have experienced during crises or what you might call, catharsis. It’s arriving at a point where there is a realization, not just a sentence, not just a string of words, but a realization that you, you are not the center of attention. God is. And your problems are not the center of attention. Truth is.

Until this point is arrived at, which amounts to a spontaneous giving up of the attempt to be in control, you’re very busy being the center of your attention, and your problems are held in the center of your attention. You want people to understand your problems. You want validation of your problems so that you can get help. You want people to understand your situation. And so there you are, the center of attention insisting upon your problems being the center of attention.

But you know what? That’s rather like being in the middle of the Colosseum with the lions and tigers and bears. They represent your problems. And when you’re the center of attention and you’re working from there, and your problems are the center of your attention, what do you do? You attempt to get control of your problems, which means that you want to get the lions, tigers and bears back in their cages and off of the ground of the Colosseum so there’s no danger while you’re in the arena.

And so, when you’re operating from littleness instead of magnitude, you reach out to magnitude for help in being little, successfully. You ask for help in remaining the center of attention. And you ask for help to succeed in getting control of your problems. That is what littleness is about. And so your effort stays at remaining little and using magnitude to be little, successfully.

But the point at which catharsis occurs, the point at which illumination and healing occur, is when you realize that being in the arena with problems to handle is not where the focus should be. … your problems are the result of being unconscious of Truth. So the answer lies in realizing that magnitude is your nature, it’s not a tool by means of which you can succeed at being little, better. Magnitude is the means by which you move entirely out of the Colosseum where the cages are that hold your problems.

… … …

When the catharsis occurs, you sort of collapse and in the collapsing, you don’t disappear. You’re still present. The world has not come to an end, you’re obviously not in charge, and as you pay attention in that place where you’re not asserting yourself anymore, there is an influx. There is always an influx . . . of what? Of divinity.

Another way of putting it is, an influx of love that you feel embraced by, supported by, nourished by and made whole by, even though it makes no sense to you at all why you would be having this experience under the circumstances, except for the inescapable knowing that it’s happening because there is a God and you have no doubt about it now.

The reason you’re having the experience of God’s Love and the actuality of God is because you managed somehow to yield up the center of attention—to vacate the center of attention. And actually, in vacating the center of attention, yourself, you vacated the Colosseum. You vacated the arena in which the problems were real and governing you, and literally killing you.

And in this space outside the Colosseum, balance and perspective and the apparent correction of the problems or resolution of the problems occur. Not actually because the problems were real and were overcome, but because the problems were misperceptions which occurred because you were making yourself and your problems the center of attention. And so clarity is restored, in peace.

… … … …

When you’re suffering it is relatively easier to do that. But where you’re going to make your greatest headway is when you engage in this when it’s not a means of getting control of your problems. When you’re in the relatively free space of harmonious experiences, harmonious relationships and using this non-contentious space to transcend, or get beyond, or behind the current perceptions: Your current perceptions, your brother’s current perceptions. Push for it!

… … …

Man, when you’re dying of a terminal illness you usually can muster up the kind of commitment that I’m referring to here. But realize that if you have the capacity to do it under those circumstances, you have the capacity to do it in harmonious, non-threatening circumstances. And fight for your sanity, we’ll say, by bringing concerted commitment to wanting to know the Truth, and a concerted insistence upon abandoning the center of attention yourself so that you might let the presence of God illuminate Itself as all there actually is to the you that you Are, in all the fullness of what that means . . . in all the transformational fullness of what that means. And then give permission for yourself to be changed.

So this week, abide with the simplicity of this: You aren’t the center of attention, God is. And your problems shouldn’t be the center of your attention, truth should be. This will put you in a position of changing your goals and of having your values shift. But the one thing it won’t do is estrange you to your fellow man or your world.

The strife that is occurring in the world is evidence of an already existing estrangement and that is what needs to be healed. And that is what will be healed when you realize that you’re not to be the center of attention, and your problems are not to be the center of your attention.

God is the center of your attention and truth should be the center of your attention. That’s not too simple an answer to the problem of being.

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