Same but Different

Do you know what the word ‘same’ means? It means ‘same but different’. And do you know what ‘different’ means? To me – it means ‘different but same’.

So, I’m sitting out here having my breakfast around noon, reading Archipelago of Souls with my toast and cuppa, as before, and telling anyone within screenshot all about it, the same as before.

But there’s a difference. It’s Saturday. There’s no avocado – it’s peanut butter and sauerkraut, and I know now she didn’t put urine on the garlic plants. And the days are getting warmer.

Yesterday I watched someone’s face as it resembled flames, being the same, and staying the same, and also changing continuously. Like watching a fire. Paying attention yielded that remarkable fact, a never before had experience. I’m not just talking about changing expressions, but it kept being NEW.

Never before seen!


The photos I took just now are of the tiny flowers, 4 – 5 millimetres across, in the garlic pot. Don’t know what they are. Sometimes not knowing the name of something let’s you see it clearer.


PS I’ve since learned these little flowers are called chickweed.

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