God: belief, superstition, bigotry, pig-headedness, and you, the reader – a waiver

God. Spelled backward, doG. Spelled sideways, oGd. OK! Let’s tackle this! Are you an atheist?

(Oh, My) God. Dogged by this word through the centuries, or ogged by it, many have taken refuge in atheism, which – for a moment anyway – brought relief. But it only shut the Goddies behind a wall, from behind which came a dull roar, and visitors to heaven were told: ‘Oh, they think they’re the only ones here.’ Fear stayed behind, in the mind of the un-believer.

Fear, dread, and anxiety seem ever-present on some level, for most everyone. Even if you think or believe that there is no God and that the world came from a ‘big bang’ and that you came from a sperm-and-an-egg, it still is awesome! And most everyone is afraid of other people, or spiders, lions, tigers, beautiful women, the dark, stomach cancer, silk underwear, germs, open spaces, weird men, governments, death, peanuts, you name it, the list of phobias in Roget’s thesaurus is probably longer than any other category. Even fear of one’s self! (I’m not sure if that is in Roget).

The thing is, an atheist doesn’t believe, in something. Where did he or she get that ‘something’ they don’t believe? They either made it up themselves, or got it from someone else, or, same thing, read it somewhere.  It’s a reaction against (and for good reasons) an idea put forth, and it will be a quite mistaken idea.

Like a word chalked on a blackboard “god” remains within the frame of the blackboard, like any other thing. God cannot be a thing. Whatever is meant by the term ‘God’ cannot be described. Because God (capitalized now!) would have to be the Whole, not a part of the Whole. He/She/It is not a player within the game, He/She/It IS the Game, the Whole Shebang! (Hence, cannot be seen like other stuff!)

In exposing religions and churches for their obvious misdeeds (and these are not to be lightly brushed aside; I am angry at the church for allowing its priests and ministers to rape children!! Duh! Of course!) the atheist happens to be right about that – but – by not believing in a Christian God, or a Muslim God, or a God as defined by the Jewish  or Hindu or any other religion, he’s not actually done very much at all, just refused to align himself/herself with those religions.

Fair enough. No problem with that.

The X-factor (or Source, or Ground of our Being, or simply Being) can still be there, as a possibility, just not as yet experienced.

Now, I have gone on a rant about this, banging on and all that, and used lots of italics, and I apologize that I can’t say what I had to say with greater brevity. This all may be old hat. But the waiver is, that I will have to use the term God now and again, and I wanted to let you know that it’s not the meaning given it by churches and religions, or theologies, and not necessarily by the Bible. IT IS A FACT. Being is another word for it, and Being can’t be denied. Your computer, your eyes your chair your body – all these partake of Being, they are. They exist. You exist!

Big deal? Well, I think so. Pretty amazing, huh? ‘Not if you’re going to die’, I hear you say; well – we’ll get around to that, too!

Don’t think about it! I’m finished now.




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