Can you hear me?

Can you hear me out there? In here?

Spike Milligan, in a Goon Show, has (as I remember) Neddy Seagoon relate a story thus:

“I was locked in this filthy, cold, dark cell; lonely and afraid,  I attempted to communicate by banging on the pipes. [Sound FX: coded metal-banging] Every day we would tap out our messages – it went on for months! [Sound FX: call-and-response, coded metal-banging] … It was silly really, we were in the same cell!

In attempting this blog I am attempting to communicate with you – someone in the same cell – by banging on, about this or that, mainly this: Stop Thinking!

The thesis is and will remain, that I (meaning You) think and think and think, and think that by thinking, I am (You are) getting somewhere. We are in our heads (our cells): mulling, cogitating, raking over, investigating, sorting, reordering, replaying, imagining, re-imagining our thoughts – thinking.

Thinking and imaging the past, thinking and imaging the future, always in, of, and about TIME.

So by banging on, not pipes but on this bloody keyboard, you will hear the encoded messages!

There always seems to be others in the cell, back somewhere in the dark corners, whispering half-intelligible messages of fear, anxiety, and dis-ease. And there is background music – dark chords and minor cadences, dissonance.

The fact is: I (meaning You) – we – are getting nowhere, by using our minds like this … it’s a carrot, moving ahead of us as we move toward it.

And the answer is: shut up, be quiet, and listen. Step out of time.

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